El Retiro, Lanquin, Guatemala

El Retiro hostel/resort deserves it´s own post.

WORTH THE VISIT! Reserve a week for this hotel.

You can go tubing in the stunning river that is located just next to the hostel.
There is also a well-used Sauna which cost 1$ (!) to use..
If you are going on a day trip to Semuc Champy you have the option of getting a lunch box from the dutch runned restaurent.

Paradise on earth, located in Lanquin, Guatemala, 2 hours from Copan.

With Semuc Champy nearby and bats caves all around you would´nt wanna miss it!
Google the pictures

While I was there the restaurent where looking for staff, still think this is a option. So if you are short on money, try and write them or simply just turn up and ask for a job…!

You would not regret it!